Friday, June 01, 2007

Jupiter One's "Countdown" Takes Off On and L.A.'s Indie 103.1!

And so it begins...

On Friday June 1st, at 12pm, Jupiter One are featured on with an exclusive interview and performance.

"Countdown" has been added to the popular radio show Passport Approved, which airs on Indie 103.1 and other cool stations. Call Indie 103.1 today and request "Countdown"! The station's hotline number is 1-877-900-1031, or log on to Indie 103.1 and post your request!

Also, is featuring "Countdown" as one of the choices to play with your slide show. Choose "Countdown" as the soundtrack to your favorite pictures!

Don't forget to check out Jupiter One's MySpace page. They've just added the album version of "Fire Away." Check it out now!

LISTEN to Jupiter One at MySpace

BUY "Countdown" at iTunes - MySpace


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