Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Breaking News: Mothers Everywhere Rejoice Kennedy's "Your Mama," Available Now!

It's official! This past Mother's Day Kennedy took the internet by storm. Mothers everywhere went crazy for Kennedy's package, the "Your Mama" music video and single!

On Monday, Kennedy's video for "Your Mama" was the #1 most watched music video on YouTube and the #2 most watched video overall with over 500,000 plays in 72 hours!

The "Your Mama" single and music video are available now at iTunes. "Let's Get Def," the b-side to the "Your Mama" single, was featured on "American Pie: The Naked Mile." It's the perfect song to get the party started!

BUY Kennedy's "Your Mama" at iTunes

WATCH The "Your Mama" Video at YouTube

LISTEN to Kennedy at MySpace


Friday, May 11, 2007

Gliss and Cordless "Love The Virgins"

Los Angeles indie darlings, Gliss, have joined the Cordless Recordings family.
"Sexy, mysterious and often compelling, Gliss do right what so many hipster bands have recently done wrong: They've given substance as much thought as they have style." - Alternative Press

They will be taking the stage every Monday at Spaceland in Los Angeles for the month of May. Their last residency was unexpectedly cut short when Billy Corgan rushed Gliss to Europe to open for his summer tour on 72 hours notice. You can also hear Gliss' cover of "Rhinoceros" on The Smashing Pumpkins' Tribute Album to be released by MySpace this summer.

Their album, "Love The Virgins," will be available soon.

Kennedy's "Your Mama": A Special Mother's Day Sentiment

Mother's Day will never be the same without Kennedy.

Show your love this Mother's Day by sending your mom Kennedy's special e-card.

The "Your Mama" single will be available May 15th and it comes with another Kennedy smash entitled "Let's Get Def," which was featured in the modern cinema classic "American Pie: The Naked Mile."

MySpace Throw The Fight's "Endless Struggle"

Throw The Fight's music video, "Endless Struggle," is featured this week on "MySpace Presents a Spotlight on Indie Videos"!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Kennedy's "Your Mama" Music Video Available Tueday!

Kennedy's music video, "Your Mama," will be available for sale at iTunes on May 8th - just in time to score points with that special lady in your life, your mom (Mother's Day is May 13th).

The audio version will be released the following week on May 15th and it comes with another Kennedy smash entitled "Let's Get Def," - which was featured in the modern classic cinema "American Pie: The Naked Mile."