Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tarzan vs. Aquaman

A friend of mine recently pointed out that since Tarzan is the "King Of The Jungle" and Aquaman is "Lord Of The Sea," would they ever encounter each other? I think it's a good question, but the only fair place for a fight between these two would be, I believe, a desert. No animals, no water, no trees... just sand. How would these two survive? Would it look just like a normal fight between two regular guys (sounds boring but it could be interesting, as I witnessed the other day in a bar when the Yankees lost). Let's analyze:

1. Even though Tarzan is more familiar with land, he will have no trees to swing on and escape in case he is in trouble.

2. Even though Aquaman is a regular guy out of water, he is under water all the time, which means that the force that he uses is actually less than what his strength would be out of the water. Thus, making him super strong as a regular guy!

So, it's hard to choose who would win; but if I had to, I would bet my money on Tarzan.


Blogger janice said...

All i can say is that,,they have different kinds of weaknesses and strength.They will just differ in their fighting strategy.Who ever wins will be strongest man.That's all..


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